The FUT 15 Game Tested

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With FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, EA lastly drops any pretense about exactly what it’s mobile football video game is supposed to be. It can not resemble the console version of FIFA 15, so why try? That’s logic I can get behind.

Fifa playersIn the transfer-crazed world of leading level football, real life is getting more and more like Ultimate Team mode all the time, so we may as well simply accept that. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team begins you with a team of bronze-level players and tasks you with improving your team so you can hang with some of the very best clubs in the world.

That takes a while, but not as long as in some other team-building sports titles. For starters, the video game has no energy system or limitations on play of any kind. If you wish to sit down and grind out a two-hour-long session on your iPad or Android tablet, you’re free to do precisely that. And you’ll need to in order to get good games without investing additional cash. Because Ultimate Team mode remains a grind for coins to buy more packs of players simply as it’s constantly been throughout the entire EA Sports range.

One truly important addition means that you can play through matches much faster than before. The Quick Fifa Simulation option puts you in the supervisor duty, assisting your group from the touchline instead of regulating the players. As management sims go, it’s very lightweight your just in-match controls are to select an assaulting, neutral or defensive design and select an intensity level by means of sliders. But it does get you to the next match quicker and can be a good way to dispose of teams you know your squad will beat without much effort.
For the more hands-on method, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team supplies a number of choices for managing your footballers on the pitch. The casual controls provide you simply the fundamentals, while the total controls provide more accuracy, particularly with the weight and location of passes.

Fifa gameThere are touch and swipe controls too, but I found myself never using any of them except for tapping on gamers to turn on defense. This is a video game that cries out for a gamepad, and that’s probably the very best method to play, given you enjoy figuring out exactly what the buttons do by trial and error.

Graphically, you know what you’re getting at this point if you’ve played previous FIFA mobile video games. The visuals and animations appear almost unchanged from last period, and there’s some funky things happening with textures at times. Hair, in particular, appears like it’s difficult to the game to render. Christiano Ronaldo would not be amused.

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