How to Advance in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular amongst youngsters and adults. We often spend hours stuck on our screens trying to the next level. It is no different with Clash of Clans the popular online game that many people play every day.

Clash of Clansgame character

This is an excellent game that made its debut in 2012 as one of the most advanced strategy video games of its time. It was developed by Supercell of Finland and is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is internationally available now on the Google play store and the Apple store.

What the game entails

Tier 1

The game itself is a game of strategy that involves many armies that include Barbarians, Archers and Goblin camps. These troops are divided into 3 tiers and can gain more special abilities by the use of an elixir. Some of the heroes in the game can gain extra special abilities by taking the ‘dark elixir’ that is only available in the higher levels of the game.

Tier 2

You will also find in tier 2 many other armies that include Giants, Wallbreakers, Balloons and Wizards.

Tier 3

In this tier, you will gain access to Healers, Dragons and P.E.K.K.A’s that every gamer wants to get.

There are many troops and heroes in the game, however, to get them it requires that you win many battles and get more elixir, and this can take forever for those who want to advance in the game faster.

How to advance in Clash of Clans

Clash of ClansThere are many tips and tricks that you can learn, and they will allow you to advance to higher levels in the game. They are not necessarily cheats, but they will guide you on the best strategies you can follow and will also help you to get better troops and more elixir in order for you to get more abilities for your heroes.

Do not remain stagnant in the game, as this will be very frustrating and you will not be able to enjoy the game that much. There are many ways that you can advance in the game, and one is by using some great tips and tricks.


Clash of Clans is a strategy game that can help you develop and improve your problem solving skills and can in fact, help you in real life situations.…

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game stick

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A Walkthrough On Clash Of Clans


Nowadays, there are several mobile games, which are out there in the App Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play Store. Supercell released this game, and you can find it in Apple iOS platforms and Android. This game is a multiplayer strategic game. It requires skills and planning to win. In addition, you can enjoy either multiplayer and single player arcade.

Strategies of the game

First you need to create a good defence mechanism if you wgame characterant to win. Therefore, you need to carry out urban planning for the village. You need to strengthen your defence by building tightly spaced villages. You will find it easy to protect such villages. Avoid building villages that are spread over a large area.

Secondly, you should add more weapons for enhanced defence. As much as some weapons limit you, this game will give you the privilege to add more weapons. This is possible when moving from one stage to another. It is not only about adding weapons, but rather choosing ones that are effective. The weapons need to be convenient for the particular scenarios.

Your strategy should be about winning the game. Attacking strategies you choose should be dependent on your goals. The attacking strategy is more about accumulating gold and elixir. Moreover, the attacking strategies should change at every stage. Therefore, change the plan as you move to another stage.

Increasing chances of winning

You can increase your chances of winning by upgrading your gold and elixir and reach the maximum collection. Moreover, you should attack more villages. This is necessary to enable you to accumulate points and get more gold and elixir. It is your duty to secure your victory in the battles. This will guarantee you not to lose points.


You will find Clash of Clans an enjoyable game. On the other hand, it is quite challenging. The application is small in size. Therefore, mountainyou do not need large memory to download the application.

The key to the success of this game is user satisfaction. It is not only about good ratings, but the game has also received critics since its launch. The other things include features and options offered to the players. You can play this game both in multiplayer and single player mode. This game has been termed as a worldwide sensation for the gamers.…

The FUT 15 Game Tested

Fifa game

With FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, EA lastly drops any pretense about exactly what it’s mobile football video game is supposed to be. It can not resemble the console version of FIFA 15, so why try? That’s logic I can get behind.

Fifa playersIn the transfer-crazed world of leading level football, real life is getting more and more like Ultimate Team mode all the time, so we may as well simply accept that. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team begins you with a team of bronze-level players and tasks you with improving your team so you can hang with some of the very best clubs in the world.

That takes a while, but not as long as in some other team-building sports titles. For starters, the video game has no energy system or limitations on play of any kind. If you wish to sit down and grind out a two-hour-long session on your iPad or Android tablet, you’re free to do precisely that. And you’ll need to in order to get good games without investing additional cash. Because Ultimate Team mode remains a grind for coins to buy more packs of players simply as it’s constantly been throughout the entire EA Sports range.

One truly important addition means that you can play through matches much faster than before. The Quick Fifa Simulation option puts you in the supervisor duty, assisting your group from the touchline instead of regulating the players. As management sims go, it’s very lightweight your just in-match controls are to select an assaulting, neutral or defensive design and select an intensity level by means of sliders. But it does get you to the next match quicker and can be a good way to dispose of teams you know your squad will beat without much effort.
For the more hands-on method, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team supplies a number of choices for managing your footballers on the pitch. The casual controls provide you simply the fundamentals, while the total controls provide more accuracy, particularly with the weight and location of passes.

Fifa gameThere are touch and swipe controls too, but I found myself never using any of them except for tapping on gamers to turn on defense. This is a video game that cries out for a gamepad, and that’s probably the very best method to play, given you enjoy figuring out exactly what the buttons do by trial and error.

Graphically, you know what you’re getting at this point if you’ve played previous FIFA mobile video games. The visuals and animations appear almost unchanged from last period, and there’s some funky things happening with textures at times. Hair, in particular, appears like it’s difficult to the game to render. Christiano Ronaldo would not be amused.…

Upcoming Games for Xbox and PS4 in 2015

2015 games

Sony and Microsoft will be fighting the console wars to bigger heights as they battle to be the best. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will certainly see some fantastic new games this year. A great many have not even been formally announced yet. However, here’s a cup of a few of the very best titles we do know are coming this year.


Playstation’s juggernaut franchise will appear on the PS4 for the first time. Hero Nathan Drake seems to look older in this continuation of the Indiana Jones style action series. Bits of the coming video game look fantastic as designer Naughty Dog use the PS4’s additional power completely for the first time. It’s going to be impressive. And we cannot wait to explore a new ancient treasure experience throughout an unsafe island.


Xbox‘s answer to Uncharted this year. Microsoft has spent a fortune purchasing the exclusivity to Lara Croft’s next huge triple-A smash hit. It’s a sequel to the famous gritty reboot of the franchise. And with a more violent, tougher and younger Lara fighting the baddies, we’re bound to see a huge “next-gen” adventure right here too. Will be a fascinating fight in between these two similar exclusives this winter.


PlayStation has this to themselves. A proper complete sequel for the timeless Street Boxer series for the first time in years. It’ll include all your favourite competitors, like Ryu and Dhalsim, and their unique moves however also expect an expanded lineup to include brand-new faces. Early gameplay videos look frenzied, gorgeous and violent all at the same time. It’s going to be a big seller for Sony. Let’s simply hope they nail the gameplay and make it another classic for 2015.


The next installation in the Halo series will certainly come prior to Christmas this year. Fans are already publicly 2015 games ‘beta’ checking the game’s remarkable multiplayer suite and videos look exceptionally motivating. The story will no doubt revolve once more around hero Master Chief and his battle versus the universe’s worst baddies. It’ll shine on the Xbox One and will undoubtedly be one of that console’s top video games in 2015. 343 Industries has done super work with the franchise since taking over from Bungie. If they advance on the right path with Halo 5, we’re in for a treat.


As sure as there is the day and the night, there will be a Call of Duty come November 2015. While we understand nothing formally about it’s setting up until now, maker Activision is riding high once more after last year’s disappointing Ghosts with top-selling brand-new hit Advanced Warfare. Sales of CoD worldwide have fallen in the last year so there will certainly be huge pressure on the firm to produce a belter next year to revive the first-person shooter series even more. Designer Treyarch – making hit Black Ops – returns for this installment. And if rumours are …

The Craze of Multiplayer Gaming

game scene

Gone are the days when individuals used to get thrilled by arranging bricks on a computer. Game Maniacs now need more complex games with a high level of difficulty and games with hard opponents.

Here comes the origin of multiplayer games. In a multiplayer video game, many gamers can play all at once the same video game. The players in the video game could be the challengers like in a vehicle racing video game or might be a part of the same group to achieve the same goal like combating a war with a challenge.

Multiplayer Games To play a multiplayer video game, one needs to be on a computer network. There are online video games in which user can go online and play the game with another gamer on the internet.

Online multiplayer video games offer a platform of playing the video games against a genuine individual. Virtual gamers can also be developed in where other gamers in the video game are handled by the computer itself. A mix of virtual and real players can also be created.

Online Role Playing Games (Online RPG) are the games where the gamer plays a role as a hero to save the territory or a negative role like in Mafia Household. Mafia has ended up being a well-known multiplayer video game. Other games popular multiplayer games are World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Supremacy 1914, Supreme Fate and so on. Drugrunners, Kings of Babylon, Samurai Of Legend World 2 and Mech Crusaders are also catching up nowadays.

There are many new games that are released daily, and they have a group that is waiting eagerly to try them out. Many multiplayer games can now be played on smartphones. You may see many people playing games while traveling in a bus or on the train. These are all online multiplayer games, and they are linking people from all over the world.…