Upcoming Games for Xbox and PS4 in 2015

2015 games

Sony and Microsoft will be fighting the console wars to bigger heights as they battle to be the best. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will certainly see some fantastic new games this year. A great many have not even been formally announced yet. However, here’s a cup of a few of the very best titles we do know are coming this year.


Playstation’s juggernaut franchise will appear on the PS4 for the first time. Hero Nathan Drake seems to look older in this continuation of the Indiana Jones style action series. Bits of the coming video game look fantastic as designer Naughty Dog use the PS4’s additional power completely for the first time. It’s going to be impressive. And we cannot wait to explore a new ancient treasure experience throughout an unsafe island.


Xbox‘s answer to Uncharted this year. Microsoft has spent a fortune purchasing the exclusivity to Lara Croft’s next huge triple-A smash hit. It’s a sequel to the famous gritty reboot of the franchise. And with a more violent, tougher and younger Lara fighting the baddies, we’re bound to see a huge “next-gen” adventure right here too. Will be a fascinating fight in between these two similar exclusives this winter.


PlayStation has this to themselves. A proper complete sequel for the timeless Street Boxer series for the first time in years. It’ll include all your favourite competitors, like Ryu and Dhalsim, and their unique moves however also expect an expanded lineup to include brand-new faces. Early gameplay videos look frenzied, gorgeous and violent all at the same time. It’s going to be a big seller for Sony. Let’s simply hope they nail the gameplay and make it another classic for 2015.


The next installation in the Halo series will certainly come prior to Christmas this year. Fans are already publicly 2015 games ‘beta’ checking the game’s remarkable multiplayer suite and videos look exceptionally motivating. The story will no doubt revolve once more around hero Master Chief and his battle versus the universe’s worst baddies. It’ll shine on the Xbox One and will undoubtedly be one of that console’s top video games in 2015. 343 Industries has done super work with the franchise since taking over from Bungie. If they advance on the right path with Halo 5, we’re in for a treat.


As sure as there is the day and the night, there will be a Call of Duty come November 2015. While we understand nothing formally about it’s setting up until now, maker Activision is riding high once more after last year’s disappointing Ghosts with top-selling brand-new hit Advanced Warfare. Sales of CoD worldwide have fallen in the last year so there will certainly be huge pressure on the firm to produce a belter next year to revive the first-person shooter series even more. Designer Treyarch – making hit Black Ops – returns for this installment. And if rumours are …