Fanatec Xbox One Racing Wheel

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The Xbox console racing game has been made better for the lovers of speed. The cockpit has now been made very enjoyable by the new accessories on the fanatic Xbox one racing wheel. Initially, Fanatec was only supported by ps3/ps2 and pc in 2008 and beyond. The good news is that recently, fanatic has managed to manufacture wheels and pedals that are supported by the Xbox. This great invention has been successfully in progress since 2011. The fanatec x box 1 steering wheel is one of the best in the game. These features include;


The degree of rotation

game stickOne of the most crucial factors that should be considered when choosing the best wheel is the degree of rotation or the DOR. This is for the simple reason that the brands of Xbox wheels have different degrees of rotation for every brand.

The degrees of rotation vary between 270 and 900 degrees. Some brands of the wheels provide for an adjustment to every degree while other brands only have the primary settings. A wider array of adjustments of rotation degree gives the driver the freedom of customizing and adapting to their drive.


It is crucial to note that only a few brands of the Xbox wheels have been authorized for X box one. All the brands of the wheels vary in their quality, functions, structure, and price. A proper research should be done to ensure all incompatibility issues are avoided. Such cases as malfunctioning of the gadget will be minimized if the incompatibility issue is solved. These devices are considerably costly and so ensuring that you get the right wheel for your Xbox is a brilliant saving plan! If the Xbox wheel is incompatible with the Xbox device, usually, the game is full of vibrations and missing force feedback when turning or skidding during the game.

Driving wheel mounting options

stickMost of the Xbox products usually come with clamps for mounting on furniture or wherever to create a comfortable cockpit for the racer. Most of these products are also usually pre-drilled for easier fixing of complementary accessories. The fanatic x box one racing wheel has all these provisions for convenience purpose. It is, therefore, important to check for the pre-drillings or clamps when purchasing a racing wheel for ease of reference.

Many people across the world love racing games. These games can only be enjoyed maximally with the best wheels and other devices. The best racing wheels must have the above-discussed features. If you wish to take your x box console to another level, then fanatic x box racing wheel is the avenue!

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