Pokemon GO Trainer Guidelines

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One of the ways of ensuring that Pokemon Go is fun is by making sure that trainers abide by the set rules and regulations. This is the purpose of the trainer guidelines which is to ensure that the players have a safe experience and fun. By following the guidelines, the players will have a great experience that is not affected by the gameplay.

Individual interactions may seem fun or harmless, yet they may be viewed otherwise by other players and the bystanders. Buy Pokemon Go Account from a credible dealer to enjoy the full benefits of this game. You should treat the other spectators and players with courtesy and respect and carry yourself in an appropriate manner while playing this game. The following are some of the guidelines to keep in the mind.

Critical guidelines

Be respectful

It is important to be respectful to the others because unlike many other games; you are likely to meet some of the pokemon gopeople you play against in real life. It is in the interest of everyone to have fun and at the same time being courteous. It is also critical that you respect the other trainers. You should not violate the legal rights, threaten, stalk, harm, harass, abuse, or defame others.

Breaking the rules and regulations that have been set aside can lead to the loss of your account. If other players are being offensive, overly protective, and aggressive on Pokemon, remove yourself from the situation and report the matter to the admins.

Respect privacy

The players in this game are usually identified by the nicknames that they select. These nicknames are chosen by the players themselves. It is, however, advised to make smart choices when choosing the nicknames, do not pick the nicknames that are related to your real name or phone number.

Respect the privacy of others by not revealing their identity and the other personal information. You should also not reveal much information about the bystanders or the other parties. Also, do not take videos or photos of the other players unless you have their consent. You can lose your account if you do not respect privacy.

Stick to the rules of the human world

marioYou should be aware of your surroundings and be alert at all times. Do not trespass or in any manner attempt to gain access or trespass to any location or property that you do not have permission.

The cheating acts will not be tolerated either. Avoid fraud and ensure that you always play fair. This game is meant to be played on a mobile device and to get the players to the outside world to explore it.…