Best Gaming Laptops in the Market


PC gaming has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. The dynamics of PC gaming have also changed over the years to reflect the technological changes that have also largely defined the said period. This is particularly more apparent in the portable PC’s and consumer laptops market.

Laptop gaming has increased remarkably in recent years, so much that a niche of gaming laptops has emerged in the market. The defining features of these laptops have been cutting edge processing speeds, astounding graphics and blazing processing speeds.

Best gaming laptops

HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook

This machine packs the latest Intel Core i7 processor. After a short period without releasing nGaming Notebookew gaming laptops into the market, HP has come with this budget laptop for gamers who do not wish to part with huge chunks of cash.

The machine also comes with the reliable Nvidia graphics card for stunning graphics. It also packs 8 gigabytes of RAM, a Full HD screen, and a 1-terabyte HDD storage unit. With such a good price, it will attract a lot of budget-oriented gamers.

Alienware 17

Alienware is a Dell brand that is specifically produced for gamers. The brand has grown remarkably over the years, and the Alienware 17 is just one of the latest additions to the gaming market.

The machine comes with the latest Windows 10 operating system, Core i7 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM memory and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M graphics processing unit with 3 gigabytes of dedicated RAM. Dell quotes it’s price as $1,500.

ASUS G752 Series

ASUS is one of the most respected gaming laptop makers in the market. There are currently a couple of laptops in this series including the ASUS ROG G752VY. This particular laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor clocked at 2.6 gigahertz.

laptopsIts most striking feature, however, is its design which is just unique in every description. Its inclusion of aluminium panels gives it a very premium look and feel. The machine also packs a 17-inch display, a marvel for gaming enthusiasts.

Modern gaming is all about power, graphics, and speed. The above machines deliver a delightful experience, and they come in varied forms which cater for all types of gamers.

With the laptop gaming segment of the market not expecting any big changes in the coming years, these machines are bound to sit at the top among the best gaming laptops for a while.…