Characteristics of Good Rust Server Hosting

rust server host

Finding the best rust server hosting is critical if you want to enjoy your gaming. You don’t want situations where you are right in the middle of a game; suddenly, you start to experience lags or freezing. You must, therefore, know the characteristics of a good rust server hosting when searching for one.

Support Time

rust hostProblems may occur at any time, and that is why you need 24/7 support. It would help if you reached them on multiple platforms such as email, phone, or live chat. The response time should be quick and efficient. You do not want to wait hours or days for the team to get back to you with a resolution to your problems.

Server Location

You need to be able to access people from all over the world easily. The more servers and the more widespread they are, the better. The best rust server hosting should have this as one of the key features.


Imagine building up your documents or game progress; then, a glitch makes you lose everything. Heartbreaking would barely describe the feeling. That is why you need hosting that provides automatic back-ups.


Your budget will determine what kind of rust server hosting you go for. Carefully shop around because you will find different pricing depending on the company. Whatever you spend should assure you of efficiency every time.

Guarantee on Performance

rust serverYou do not want a server that crashes when there are many players. Read the terms and conditions carefully, and ensure they have a refund policy in place in case of poor performance. Carefully read customer reviews as they’re the best way to know what kind of hosting you are signing up to. You should avoid those with negative reviews if you are hoping for the best Rust hosting server.

Updates and Notifications

Problems can occur unexpectedly at any time, and sometimes you have no control over them. Your Rust hosting server should proactively provide timely updates and notifications. Proper communication will help you avoid disappointments and also allow you to keep your players informed at all times.

Final Thoughts

Pay due attention to the characteristics of the best Rust hosting server, as we have highlighted above. You should be online at all times without any interruptions. The customer support team should also update you accordingly and assist you when you run into any problems. They should also be willing to give you a refund for any downtime.…

Top Qualities of a Good Gamer

Good Manners

This is an important quality of any particular human being. Having good manners means avoiding causing undue offense to others. The following are some of the things you should do to have good manners.

  • You are listening as much as talking. Remember that others too have egos as you have.
  • Observing local customs
  • Acting in a way that increases every person’s enjoyment
  • Good sportsmanship as both a loser and winner
  • Keep yourself and surroundings well-kept and clean


gamingThe truth is that you cannot be a great gamer without some form of gaming intelligence. That is because some smart people in other areas are not going to shine as far as games are concerned. However, the time you spend with them can still be quite enjoyable. In fact, friendship can be still valuable, and there is no judgment should be cast on their worthiness. Remember that everything is not about gaming; there is also socializing.

A lot of people find it quite challenging to grasp some games and rules. That does not mean that they are not intelligent gamers. Rather after a few attempts, they can pick it up. If they cannot, then you may realize you will not be challenged when you play with them.


This is an attribute of good manners. Do you know that even a well-mannered person can gracefully give up quite quickly? The truth is that learning some games, becoming good at them, and being respectful to others can take time and requires some patience.


This is what will keep you playing and trying new moves. In this way, you can break out of the group thinking and try some new games.


joystickYou also need creativity to become a great gamer who tries new moves because of curiosity and finds new ones. In this way, you can get into the game’s system of thought. Moreover, creativity allows you to look at game systems and games and dream up something great. You can come up with variants, tweaks, and various new ways to harness the fun beyond what comes around.


This is an important quality that makes one a better game. You must strive to improve your gaming skills by learning new tactics and strategies. The best way to improve your skills and master a game is by practicing, watching, and learning from others.…

How to Buy the Best Gaming Chair

gaming chair

Gaming is a hobby to many people in the current days. If you are a potential gamer, you will understand what it feels like when you are seated and engrossed in the intense gameplay. If you want to improve your gameplay experience and enhance your gaming station, you need to buy decent gaming chairs.

Gaming requires an ergonomically designed chair that will improve all aspects of gaming experience. You can also consider upgrading your chairs to achieve better performance with all great stuff. When you buy a new gaming chair, it is essential to consider the following factors.


chair for gaming

When you are buying a gaming chair, you need to focus on the material used by the manufacturer. The material should be high quality to last a long time so that you cannot keep replacing the chair sooner than you would like.

Check the manufacturer’s description of the chair and find out whether it is good for your gaming experience. Focus on the padding material; ensure it is smooth to make you comfortable when playing your game. On the other hand, avoid gaming chairs made of slippery materials.


Gaming chairs are supposed to be comfortable to enable potential gamers to manage sitting for a longer time. The gaming experience can be improved if the chair is designed to provide the required comfort.

The chair should allow you to see the screen at the right angle to avoid straining. You can also choose a chair that can move to enable you to shift from one position to another when you feel uncomfortable. Ensure you do not stress your body when you are playing.

System Compatibility

Nowadays, gaming chairs are designed and compatible with all gaming systems. However, if you need to be specific with your games, you need to buy a chair that is compatible with the kind of game you are playing.

For instance, if the game involves moving your whole body, you need a gaming chair with enough space to allow you move. Ensure you maintain the gameplay with the right chair compatible with most games in your gaming system.


Flexibility is a vital factor that most gamers overlook whenever they replace or buy new gaming chairs. When you are playing games, you might need to increase or lower the height of your chair, you, therefore, need a chair with movable parts.

This is to make you comfortable when you feel like changing your position or stretch your legs when you are gaming. You should be able to adjust the back of your chair and lie in the appropriate angle to enhance your gaming experience.

Value of the Chair

table with chair

It is important to buy a chair with additional features that will improve your gaming experience. Nevertheless, you need to have in mind that higher value comes at a higher price. You can check for premium features such as air conditioner, speakers, and portability.

If you already have the air conditioner and a killer sound system, you do not …

Where To Buy A 4.144hz Monitor


If you have been looking for a 4.144hz monitor, but you do not seem to find the right one, this article will help you to understand how to get it. Everything stats by choosing a supplier. You may choose to by online or offline depending on what is more convenient for you. Usually, everything starts by selecting a supplier. That local store or online merchant that promises you the best monitors are the ones that will determine what you end up with. However, it may be quite difficult to know who is good, or who is not especially if you have never bought from any of them. In such a situation, you should use the following tricks to ensure that you do not end up with monitors that are far from what you wanted.

Comparing several suppliers

curve monitorSince you have lots of offers from local and online suppliers, the only thing that makes sense is to compare them. Ask about the kinds of monitors that they supply, and determine if they are the ones that you have been looking for. Every supplier will have their unique products, and therefore, it is your task to determine what is best suited for you. You may want to talk to them about the kinds of games that are best played on those monitors. In addition to that, you may want to try their monitors if they allow you so that you know exactly what you are buying.

Ask about the brands

When it comes to finding the best 144hz monitor, you should know that there are many brands that you are likely to find in the stores. Some of these brands are exceptional while others may have various disadvantages. You should only buy monitors that are made by reputable companies. These are the manufactures that have been in the industry for long and therefore, they understand the unique needs of their customers. Their monitors have been tested by real gamers, and have been proven to work perfectly. This minimizes the possibility of ending up with monitors that have nothing good to offer. Remember that everything that you will experience during the gaming process depends largely on the brands that you buy.

Inquire about the prices

moneyWhen you ask about the prices of various gaming monitors, you will be hit by a huge surprise. This is because the variation in prices is baffling. You will come across those that cost a fortune while others are quite affordable. Please note that even though you may be tempted to buy the lowest priced monitor, you should not do so until you are sure that it fits the bill. Sometimes, the prices are a reflection of the quality and so, you have no option but to weight everything and choose one that you can be content with.

The best 4.144hz monitor for gaming is one that has all the features that you need. You do not have to struggle through the gaming process when you can find …

Fanatec Xbox One Racing Wheel

game stick

The Xbox console racing game has been made better for the lovers of speed. The cockpit has now been made very enjoyable by the new accessories on the fanatic Xbox one racing wheel. Initially, Fanatec was only supported by ps3/ps2 and pc in 2008 and beyond. The good news is that recently, fanatic has managed to manufacture wheels and pedals that are supported by the Xbox. This great invention has been successfully in progress since 2011. The fanatec x box 1 steering wheel is one of the best in the game. These features include;


The degree of rotation

game stickOne of the most crucial factors that should be considered when choosing the best wheel is the degree of rotation or the DOR. This is for the simple reason that the brands of Xbox wheels have different degrees of rotation for every brand.

The degrees of rotation vary between 270 and 900 degrees. Some brands of the wheels provide for an adjustment to every degree while other brands only have the primary settings. A wider array of adjustments of rotation degree gives the driver the freedom of customizing and adapting to their drive.


It is crucial to note that only a few brands of the Xbox wheels have been authorized for X box one. All the brands of the wheels vary in their quality, functions, structure, and price. A proper research should be done to ensure all incompatibility issues are avoided. Such cases as malfunctioning of the gadget will be minimized if the incompatibility issue is solved. These devices are considerably costly and so ensuring that you get the right wheel for your Xbox is a brilliant saving plan! If the Xbox wheel is incompatible with the Xbox device, usually, the game is full of vibrations and missing force feedback when turning or skidding during the game.

Driving wheel mounting options

stickMost of the Xbox products usually come with clamps for mounting on furniture or wherever to create a comfortable cockpit for the racer. Most of these products are also usually pre-drilled for easier fixing of complementary accessories. The fanatic x box one racing wheel has all these provisions for convenience purpose. It is, therefore, important to check for the pre-drillings or clamps when purchasing a racing wheel for ease of reference.

Many people across the world love racing games. These games can only be enjoyed maximally with the best wheels and other devices. The best racing wheels must have the above-discussed features. If you wish to take your x box console to another level, then fanatic x box racing wheel is the avenue!…

Top World of Warcraft Tips That Will Get You To Winning Ways

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran playing World of Warcraft, the desire to emerge victorious in each game overrides all aspects that outweigh one’s to play a game. However, there is more need to strategize on how to win even as you do regular practice. Here are few tips that will set you up for success when playing this game.

Plan wellbirthday cake

Do you wish to emerge victorious while playing World of Warcraft games? Then adequate and careful planning should be top things to consider while playing World of Warcraft games. That said, it is paramount to ensure that you keep abreast with the recent advancements relating to role-playing.

One of the ways that will ensure you have enough knowledge necessary for planning is to be in touch with World of Warcraft enthusiasts. Get to know how they handle every challenge and how they apply the different strategies available. This information will enable you to know what to do before playing the game

Join online gaming forums

This is another important aspect to factor in in the planning stage. Joining online forums will give you an upper hand while it comes to getting knowledge in this field. One it enables you to know the recent advancements in this area such as challenge mode boost and wow power leveling. However, to benefit from this, you have to create new friends that are enthusiastic about playing World of Warcraft. With this in place, you are in a position of getting the information necessary in planning.

game characterCome up with a strategy that will ensure you win

After planning, the next important thing to do is to have a winning strategy in place. Gather all information you acquired in the planning stage and decide on how you will apply in the game. Nevertheless, it is fundamental to ensure that you have all resources in place before you go to the battleground.

Getting to the battle ground

Once you have a plan and a strategy you are now ready to play World of Warcraft. However, in case you do not have what it takes to make it here, you can consider looking for alternative ways of boosting your rankings. As a tip, you can try the RBG Boost to make your odds of making it here.…

Pokemon GO Trainer Guidelines

boys playing phone

One of the ways of ensuring that Pokemon Go is fun is by making sure that trainers abide by the set rules and regulations. This is the purpose of the trainer guidelines which is to ensure that the players have a safe experience and fun. By following the guidelines, the players will have a great experience that is not affected by the gameplay.

Individual interactions may seem fun or harmless, yet they may be viewed otherwise by other players and the bystanders. Buy Pokemon Go Account from a credible dealer to enjoy the full benefits of this game. You should treat the other spectators and players with courtesy and respect and carry yourself in an appropriate manner while playing this game. The following are some of the guidelines to keep in the mind.

Critical guidelines

Be respectful

It is important to be respectful to the others because unlike many other games; you are likely to meet some of the pokemon gopeople you play against in real life. It is in the interest of everyone to have fun and at the same time being courteous. It is also critical that you respect the other trainers. You should not violate the legal rights, threaten, stalk, harm, harass, abuse, or defame others.

Breaking the rules and regulations that have been set aside can lead to the loss of your account. If other players are being offensive, overly protective, and aggressive on Pokemon, remove yourself from the situation and report the matter to the admins.

Respect privacy

The players in this game are usually identified by the nicknames that they select. These nicknames are chosen by the players themselves. It is, however, advised to make smart choices when choosing the nicknames, do not pick the nicknames that are related to your real name or phone number.

Respect the privacy of others by not revealing their identity and the other personal information. You should also not reveal much information about the bystanders or the other parties. Also, do not take videos or photos of the other players unless you have their consent. You can lose your account if you do not respect privacy.

Stick to the rules of the human world

marioYou should be aware of your surroundings and be alert at all times. Do not trespass or in any manner attempt to gain access or trespass to any location or property that you do not have permission.

The cheating acts will not be tolerated either. Avoid fraud and ensure that you always play fair. This game is meant to be played on a mobile device and to get the players to the outside world to explore it.…