A Walkthrough On Clash Of Clans


Nowadays, there are several mobile games, which are out there in the App Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play Store. Supercell released this game, and you can find it in Apple iOS platforms and Android. This game is a multiplayer strategic game. It requires skills and planning to win. In addition, you can enjoy either multiplayer and single player arcade.

Strategies of the game

First you need to create a good defence mechanism if you wgame characterant to win. Therefore, you need to carry out urban planning for the village. You need to strengthen your defence by building tightly spaced villages. You will find it easy to protect such villages. Avoid building villages that are spread over a large area.

Secondly, you should add more weapons for enhanced defence. As much as some weapons limit you, this game will give you the privilege to add more weapons. This is possible when moving from one stage to another. It is not only about adding weapons, but rather choosing ones that are effective. The weapons need to be convenient for the particular scenarios.

Your strategy should be about winning the game. Attacking strategies you choose should be dependent on your goals. The attacking strategy is more about accumulating gold and elixir. Moreover, the attacking strategies should change at every stage. Therefore, change the plan as you move to another stage.

Increasing chances of winning

You can increase your chances of winning by upgrading your gold and elixir and reach the maximum collection. Moreover, you should attack more villages. This is necessary to enable you to accumulate points and get more gold and elixir. It is your duty to secure your victory in the battles. This will guarantee you not to lose points.


You will find Clash of Clans an enjoyable game. On the other hand, it is quite challenging. The application is small in size. Therefore, mountainyou do not need large memory to download the application.

The key to the success of this game is user satisfaction. It is not only about good ratings, but the game has also received critics since its launch. The other things include features and options offered to the players. You can play this game both in multiplayer and single player mode. This game has been termed as a worldwide sensation for the gamers.

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